Healthy lifestyle
Lifestyle choices play a large role in determining our overall health. It’s empowering to know that our conscious actions can make a real difference in both our physical and emotional well-being. Making a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle can keep us trim and fit, reduce our risk of many diseases, give us more energy and increase confidence. Using Nevella Stevia is an easy way to reduce calories and improve your health in a natural way.

People with diabetes often have many questions regarding the best way to control their blood sugar and reduce the risk of the complications. For those with Type 2 diabetes healthy lifestyle choices can help to better manage the disorder. But whether you have diabetes or not, we all may greatly benefit from simple adjustments! Using Nevella Stevia instead of sugar is one easy way to reduce calories and carbohydrates in everyday eating.
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Every person with diabetes should receive individualized medical nutrition therapy so that their meal planning can be customized to meet their needs. Your registered dietitian may suggest very specific goals for your weight, diet , and exercise depending on your health status and the medications you take (or don’t take).

Healthy Nutrition

Eat more vegetables 
Besides their nutritional value vegetables have the capacity to fill your stomach up more quickly than other foods. Preparing lunch or dinner with at least 50 percent vegetables allows you to enjoy richer dishes in smaller portions.

Drink lots of water
Just like eating vegetables drinking water makes you feel full. But even more important is that hydrating your body improves your overall sense of healthiness. For an adult it’s recommended to drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day, especially during and after meals to aid digestion.

Five eating moments per day
Spreading your meals over the day is better for your digestion. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, two snacks in-between allow you to eat slightly less during the traditional meals. By doing so the amounts of food are more manageable to digest, resulting in a steadier blood sugar throughout the day.